Mark, your compassion and caring for kids are some of the reasons you mean so much to us.  You are always there if we need a friendly ear or shoulder to lean on.  There aren’t many people today who have or make the time but you always did and do.  Will check your site often. God Bless.

Mary S. – Parental Guardian

Hey Mark thank you so much I am so happy that I requested a guy and that you were sent to us!

Raychel – Parent

It was a honor speaking with Mark Ingrassia of SpecialEd Rising about ways for parents to help their children improve their executive functioning skills.

Evan Weinberger• Following•National Speaker I Ed Consultant I Entrepreneur I

I just finished listening to your podcast on social stories and it was rally fantastic. All your information references, examples and of course, your voice quality and sensibility is coming from your heart. I loved it! I will go back and listen to the ones I didn’t listen to.

Emily – Listener

Great interview, Evan Weinberger and Mark Ingrassia M.S.!

Wendy Weinberger

…you are the BEST…I am so lucky to have your support.

Christine – Parent

Dear Mark, I want to said thank you so much…you are the best teacher for four years…

S.S. – Former Student

Mark, you were a HUGE and I mean HUGE impact on my daughter. You teaching her math that was unclear in the curriculum was probably the most amazing thing I saw in her education!! You saw strength in her and even though she couldn’t’ sign or understand in the beginning at age 3…You saw it in her eyes when you went higher…she followed…I will never forget that. 

I listened to your behavior modification episode today. Wow! Wow and wow… How educational, helpful and informative.  It really makes complete sense as a parent with two children who have special needs. It comes together like pieces of a puzzle. I will definitely pass your podcasts on as well as your website. 

Melanie F. – Parent

Thanks so much, Mark! You truly are amazing with all you’ve done and continue to do with our special children!

Mary H. – Parent

I loved this episode and I really love Mark’s show too so go subscribe, listen to my episode, and then be forever changed by the wonderful interviews he does with awesome people.

Nakayla Von Raeder from The Slumber Academy; referring to her interview on my show

Mr. Ingrassia was recommended to provide home services for my son to assist with behavioral issues, help generalize self-care and other independent living skills to the home and community environment.

I am pleased to say that my son showed signs of improvement and growth almost immediately. Not only did he gain independence, his behaviors decreased. With the tools we were given, we were able to help him maintain those skills. My son is now independent in his morning self-care routine before leaving the house for the day, regularly packs and unpacks his own backpack for day program, helps set the table, vacuum and dust and wash, dry, fold and put away his own laundry. Additionally, Mr. Ingrassia assisted us and our son in learning patience at the doctor’s office and overcoming his fear of the dentist and having his blood drawn.

Margot E. – Parent