Me Time


Not only is it important to focus on self-care as a parent of an exceptional needs child, it is NECESSARY!

Make sure to schedule some “me time” everyday. Whether it’s finding a quiet place to breathe for 5-10 minutes. Looking up at the sky and connecting with something greater than yourself whatever that is for you. Playing your favorite song or artist.

Move your body at least once per day. Stretch, walk up and down your street,

jump rope, do yoga or whatever it is that will refresh your mind, body and spirit.

Meditate, even for 2 minutes. Block out the world, center yourself and add an intention.

And remember that it is ok to say, “No.” It doesn’t have to be a cruel or angry event. But it’s ok that your child doesn’t have the availability to control every aspect of the day. A kind, reasonable and even a stern (non-threatening) no can go a long way to benefitting not only you but teaching your child that not everything will go their way in life.

And don’t forget Date Night!

You are special. You are important. And you are essential.

Peace and Keep Rising!

*please forgive the use of the term, “special needs” in the first photo. I couldn’t find art using “exceptional needs.”

Published by riseup20

I am a retired teacher with a creative bent and I am excited to bring attention and assistance to parents and caregivers of children with special needs. Mark

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