Examining Our Nation’s Moral Compass In Relation to Our Children

5/29/23 I have been sitting with a lot of thoughts for a while now, about the cultural changes that are occuring in our country and the rise in discrimination, segregation, hate and violence against one another.  As someone who has always been offended by injustices I have stood up to support causes I believe inContinue reading “Examining Our Nation’s Moral Compass In Relation to Our Children”

Transition Questions and Answers with Gretchen Levine

5/27/23 Interview Questions for Grethchen Levine Who are the team members that play a significant role in the transition process?  These team members typically play a role in transition planning Transition Coordinator Special Ed Teacher/Case Manager School Psychologist Administrator  IEP Coordinator The IEP to be the tool that guides a child towards a relevant transitionContinue reading “Transition Questions and Answers with Gretchen Levine”